【MY STORY】Kellie, An Actress Led To Japan By Destiny

Kellie from the United States performs various performances such as dance, acting, and movie production. With the dance that she started at the age of 3, she reached the stage of Broadway and had much experience and career! Kellie's visit to Japan was unique without any preparation. We interviewed her about how she felt when she arrived, and asked her tips in order to work actively in Japan.

【MY STORY】Saskia Thoelen, A Belgian Girl Walking The Path Of Intermediator For Kimono, Art and Japanese Culture

Saskia is a Belgian PhD student who researches Japanese kimono culture and designs her own kimono. Saskia wears many masks, such as a researcher, in the process of completing her dissertation at a Japanese university, a presenter for NHK world, talent, model, and singer active in the entertainment industry. We asked her about her thoughts concerning Japan’s culture, her difficulties during learning Japanese, her activities as a talent, her scariest experience in Japan, and her future dreams.

Four Basic Steps: “Gen Katsugi” to attract fortune [Grace Tsubaki’s “Gen Katsugi”]

Have you heard of “Gen Katsugi”, something that has been traditionally carried on in Japan? You may have or you may have not, you may already be doing it already without even realizing. We will talk about different kinds of “Gen Katsugi” of Japan.

My Coping Method [MAMA AMIA! Surviving Japan]

A survival column to you in Japan–those working so hard, trying, sometimes succeeding and other times not–words of encouragement along with a strict “buck up” from your home-away-from-home mother-figure. Today Mama Amia is talking about my coping method.

Introduction [MAMA AMIA! Surviving Japan]

A message or all foreigners living in Japan: From Mama Amia A survival column to you in Japan–those working so hard, trying, sometimes succeeding and other times not–words of encouragement along with a strict “buck up” from your home-away-from-home mother-figure. Mama Amia shares everything from mental health survival tips to how to take out the trash. Come back to this column regularly for your virtual check-up. (Japanese readers welcome as well!)

[Horoscope] Grace Tsubaki’s Advice for the Second Half of 2019

Grace Tsubaki, famous for numerous horoscope methods including “Business Warlord Horoscope” is now on Model Bible. It may be your work, relationship or money. How do you spend the second half of this year? We will go through your fortune based on your zodiac signs.
Japan 101 Through Entertainment

A Philipino Actor Lands On a Role in a Japanese Film “Ichigo No Uta” [Japan 101 Through Entertainment]

(日本語) パンクロックバンド「銀杏BOYS」の峯田和伸と、NHK連続テレビ小説「ひよっこ」脚本家・岡田惠和による同名小説をもとに制作された映画『いちごの唄』。古舘佑太郎と石橋静河や、ベテランの和久井映見、宮本信子といった俳優にくわえ、フィリピン人俳優のポール・マグサリンも出演。ポールは主人公の人柄を伝える役目を担っている。物語のキーになる「七夕」文化も紹介!
MutsumiTakahashi's "ModelBible"

Model’s Guide for Do’s and Don’ts at Audition

You passed the photo selection and now called for an audition.But do you know what you do there? This time, we will talk about its basic flow as well as touching on real sometimes embarrassing stories from managers. You never know what opportunities whether they be fashion model, CM, TV drama or movies, come along your way and that’s why it is important that you are equipped with knowledge. Welcome to Mutsumi Takahashi’s Model Bible. This time in our ninth article we discuss Model’s Guide for Do’s and Don’ts at Audition.

An American Christopher McCombs Produces an Amazon Prime Series “The Benza” with Just $20,000 in Japan.

Despite being a Japan-based production, its producer is an American born Christopher McCombs. He is primarily an actor/model based in Tokyo but he advanced into producing as he progressed his career in Japan.Taking that into account, “The Benza” is an odd one out. Not only the cast is mainly made up of non-Japanese actors but they almost entirely speak Japanese all the way from the start to finish. It comes as a surprise to a lot of Japanese who often look very puzzled when they see foreigners talking in Japanese to each other.
Japan 101 Through Entertainment

“Red and Black Samurai Spirits” : The image of Samurai that Leslie Kee pictured [Japan 101 Through Entertainment]

The stage "Red and Black Samurai Spirits" is a play and sword fight performed by real stars who have made up the history of Japanese movies and period dramas. Kotaro Satomi and Masaki Kyomoto, Flyer Shot by Leslie Kee!