Welcome to “Model Bible”

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Hi, there! Welcome to the ‘Model Bible”. My name is Kaori and I am the editor and writer of this website. Right now, I work for a company called Free Wave, a model agency whose main focus is international talents. Free Wave has a long history and has been in the business for over 25 years. We would like to provide a lot of useful information to anyone who is involved in modeling.  

What is “Model Bible”?

You might wonder “what is Model Bible?”. Model Bible is made for all people who are already involved in or want to be involved in the modeling industry such as…

  • Current Models
  • Prospectus Models
  • People looking to cast models

We aspire to make something useful in real life.

Why We Do this – The Reason We Started This Website

Why did we make a website like this in the first place? That is because Mutsumi Takahashi, the CEO of Free Wave, had a long time passion for passing on the knowledge she obtained through her career. She originally planned to make a textbook for the models working with Free Wave. モデルバイブルスタートです! Free Wave represents a number of models from those with a long time experience in the Japanese industry to those that with little to no experience. Everyone has a stage in your career when you don’t know which way to go at the beginning and this is where we take part to polish up their talents and help them become models who can get jobs. People say “in Rome, do as Romans do” and the model industry is not an exception. Whether you are a rookie model or someone with a very established career in another country, you will have to learn to do it Japanese way when working here and many people often miss out a lot by not knowing it.

  • How the Japanese industry is run
  • Visa
  • How to build your portfolio

These things are crucial in order to keep getting jobs. Free Wave has over 2,500 models signed up. It was difficult, if not impossible, to tell these things to every one of them/ That is where the concept of a textbook for all model, what eventually come to be Model Bible, was first brought up.

Why We Make It Available for Everyone

As I talked about it above, Model Bible was first intended to be exclusively for models signed with Free Wave. However, Mutsumi thought that it would be such a waste to keep it within Free Wave. Why does she want to make public something that is the fruit of her 25 years plus career and share it with everyone including her potential competitors? Because there will be a lot of benefits Free Wave can gain from making it available for everyone.

Benefits of Releasing Model Bible To The Entire World

1. International models can be more immersed in the Japanese industry if we can help them to become better. 2.We can remove obstacles there may be when casting international models through providing contents that both benefit models and the rest of the industry. 3.By helping to create mutual understanding, we can help Japan to stand better on the global stage. What do we mean by “remove obstacles there may be when casting international models through providing contents that both benefit models and the rest of the industry”? We believe there are two components to this. One is to enable production companies to work with international models without hustle by helping them become equipped with Japanese industry customs. The other component is helping production companies become more aware of cultural differences. Of course, it is important for models to adapt to the Japanese way but it is equally so to respect them for who they are in order to achieve the best outcome possible. 国を超えるフリー・ウエイブの絆  

To “Shine Together”

What we are planning to do here at Model Bible perfectly match up Free Wave’s principles.

Shining Together – タレント、お客様、そして自分自身を輝かせるために。

【ミッション】 1. 私たちは、感謝と信頼をモットーに、最適な外国人タレントを提供することでクライアントの最強のパートナーとなります。



Model Bible will become a go-to textbook not only for models but also for Free Wave’s new talent managers, better yet it will be a great asset for models working with other agencies and everyone who is involved in the business. It will be at our greatest pleasure to make a little contribution to the improvement of models and the industry. Sit back and please join our journey as we keep publishing brand new contents. (Please contact us from here if you have any requests for topics that you would like us to cover)

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