【MY STORY】Jason Brock, The X Factor’s finalist, bringing LGBTQ+ understanding to Japan

American-born Jason Brock is a talented singer who was selected as a finalist on the popular American reality program “X Factor”. With a mellow voice and bright and charming characters, he is active on television, and also movies and the stage. While expanding his activities as an entertainer, he is also a student studying politics at Meiji University. We asked him about the dreams he wants to fulfill, his life in Tokyo, and his opinions on Japanese society.

【MY STORY】Sefa Rina, Achieved Her Dream in Japan.

Canadian model, Sefa Rina. Currently active in various fields such as fashion shows and events. She dreamed of doing model jobs in Tokyo for many years, and now she has achieved her dreams and has  fulfilling days.

【MY STORY】Janni Olsson Nature Lover and World Traveler.

What made you come to Japan? Actually, I didn’t plan to come to Japan. After I graduated high scho...

【MY STORY】An American Actress in Japan – Hannah Grace Falling In Love With Japan’s Pop Culture.

Hannah, a native of the United States, is popular for her beautiful singing voice and is active as an actress, singer and narrator. She is popular for her throbbing personality, and in fact, her nerdy personality sometimes makes people smile: she loves anime and expresses visions of stories through cosplay. She talked about Japan from her own perspective, such as her favorite Japanese actor and her favorite role played in Japan.

【MY STORY】Mr.Happiness Roberto G, An Actor Who Always Makes People Smile

“Evolving as a singer and actor in my favorite Japan, I want to deliver happiness to many people.” Roberto G, from Barcelona, Spain, is a singer and actor whose charm is a warm and friendly personality. He has a background in the Gospel Group as a tenor singer and has appeared in many music programs using his overwhelming voice volume. I love Japanese culture and play the shamisen and koto. Mr. Roberto G, who brightens the surroundings with his “happy personality” spoke to us about his passionate story.

【MY STORY】Kyla, An Artist Who Never Compromises On Her Perfect Creations

Vancouver-born Kyla made many appearances on television, movies, and stage in Canada and Australia, and continues to perform various entertainment activities after coming to Japan. She also expresses her personality through painting. We interviewed Kyla, who is active in the entertainment industry with an attitude of constant gratitude, about her debut opportunity, future dreams, and how foreign talents are active in Japan.

【MY STORY】Michael Keida, An Active American Who Runs Own Organic Farm

Michael Keida is an American born TV personality/presenter. He owns roughly one acre of an organic farm as well as running a cafe working as a chef. He is an athletic person and in his young days, he played inline skating. He also appeared in "SASUKE  KuroOvi" in Japan. We asked him about his life in Japan, his farm and his future.

Free Wave Model Audition[2019.8.10 sat @ TOKYO]

Free Wave agency, the leading modeling agency for international models is holding a casting on August 10 (Sat) in Tokyo.

(日本語) 底なき鏡となりて——欧羅巴の様式美に、日本のアンニュイが映りこむ。シルバージュエリー“Superbia”

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10 must try foods in Harajuku/Tokyo

(日本語) オシャレ好きな若者が集まる原宿・竹下通り。イギリス出身のインフルエンサー・ソフィーがインスタ映え間違いなしの原宿Kawaii Foodsをご紹介!