“Model Bible” is a new multilingual website that connects people interested in Japan from all over the world.

As the name suggests, it originally started off by providing tips to international models on how to become successful in Japan.

However, what they needed as much as those tips on their professional side was information about how to find a moment to relax when they need one.

That is why we decided to broaden its reach and create a new “Model Bible” that also covers a wide range of topics regarding Japan.

Words like diversity or globalization have become part of daily conversations. Japan now needs to accommodate more diversified demography not only in the model industry but also as a society.
However, the language barrier yet stands to divide and there are very few opportunities to become more aware of our differences.

For example, it can be a great place to start finding new things if Japanese people can learn what things in Japan are popular among foreigners right now or what things they are worried about. However, those stories are often told in English or other foreign languages and it is quite difficult for ordinary Japanese to take part.

Keeping these points in mind, we have come to the conclusion that things that international models in Japan are eager to learn are not so different from those that Japanese people with interests in abroad are eager to learn.

We welcome both foreigners living in Japan and Japanese that have lived or live abroad to share their stories and tell them in both Japanese and English in order to finally let stories go in both directions.

“Model Bible” is aiming to become the bridge that connects Japan with the rest of this diverse world. We hope to give you opportunities to think about what you can do to tackle these issues we face.


Editor kaori

株式会社フリー・ウエイブ広報。フリーライター。美しいもの、モード系ファッションが好き。元SE(C#やAndoroid Javaなど)。世代を無視した多趣味すぎるサブカルチャー知識と、ライティングスキル、ITスキルを組み合わせて広報活動に励む。「ミス・スプラナショナル・ジャパン沖縄2018」では実行委員として事務・広報・代表者指導などを行い、日本大会優勝を果たした。


Editor Eri




株式会社フリー・ウエイブ 現場通訳。福岡県出身。15歳の時より、ニュージーランドに渡る。現地の高校を卒業後、映像専門学校に進学。監督・脚本を担当した短編映画は、アメリカで行われた映画祭Fort Myers Beach Film Festivalでも上映された。その後、学校紹介ビデオやミュージックビデオのディレクションを行うかたわら、TVCMやTVシリーズなど多くの現場での経験を積む。帰国後は、ハリウッド俳優も輩出したUPS Academyで演技を学び、俳優としての活動も経験。これらの幅広い経験を武器に、現在では現場通訳や語学監修として、スタッフとキャストの橋渡し役を担っている。
現場通訳としての実績は、テレビ東京「Youは何しに日本へ」、TVCM「ABC Mart」、PV「Nintendo Switch」、TVCM「Kanebo Kate」その他多数。